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Economic Development:  A well-paying job you can get to!

  • Invest in a sustainable workforce for living wages and green collar jobs.

  • Strengthen and expand access to grants and loans for micro and small-business owners.

  • Seal the deal on a transportation system that is affordable, reliable and accessible to everyone.

  • Increase Chapter 90 funds -- we shouldn’t wait a lifetime for our roads and sidewalks to be fixed!


Safety & Health: A home in a safe and healthy neighborhood!

  • Promote quality and affordable healthcare for all.

  • Advocate for emergency responders, making sure they have adequate equipment, tools, and support to stay safe on the job.

  • Support and expand community policing programs.

  • Advance proactive community programs to protect us against natural disasters and public health risks.

  • Follow through on bold and actionable policies that curb our dependence on fossil fuels and protect our environment.


Education:  A world-class education for all!

  • Guarantee access to high-quality and affordable education for all ages and all zip codes.

  • Fully fund student support services to address students’ emotional, intellectual, and physical needs.

  • Collaborate with educators and parents to ensure safe learning environments.

  • Promote incentives to attract and keep the brightest educators and support staff in our school districts.

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